We cover the whole field of intellectual property including copyright, unfair competition prevention act, domain names, and mainly focuses on prosecution and litigation in industrial property rights (patent, trademark, utility model, design). In prosecution, we represent our customers in a lawsuit against an appeal decision of JPO on a routine basis. In litigation, we have the resources to take a variety of actions against infringement (warning, licensing, infringement lawsuit) on behalf of our clients.

We leverage our members' experience in development to assist our clients in preparing system configuration diagrams, flowcharts, etc., thereby reducing the burden on development staff and intellectual property staff of our clients.

We have the resources to propose names that suit the products and services of our clients, based on our staff’s experience in product planning and copywriting.

We propose related design applications that cover variation designs to build more powerful protection of rights.

As for copyright and unfair competition, we assist our clients in issuing a warning against copy products, licensing of rights, registration of program copyrights, etc.

We represent our clients in arbitration to resolve disputes over domain names.

We are staffed by lawyers and can provide one-stop services in infringement lawsuits.

We handle many international cases, including international applications, in each of the above areas.

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