We handle all product areas (please see our track record below).

  • Electric devices/home electronics
  • Automobile parts/ automotive supplies
  • Medical devices
  • Daily necessaries
  • Construction supplies/household goods
  • Clothing/accessories
  • Entertainment goods
  • Food containers
  • Furniture/Buddhist altar articles

Design Act of Japan provides for a partial design system, which allows one to seek protection to shape, patterns or colors, or any combination thereof of a part of a product, and a related design system, which grants independent rights to designs similar to each other. After all, a right to a design pertains to shape, patterns, etc. and, as such, is often considered to be narrow in scope of protection. It is possible, however, to expand from a narrowly defined scope to a broadly defined scope and enhance the usefulness of the rights accordingly, by taking advantage of the aforementioned systems. Primeworks proposes strategic design applications tailored to our client's products.

We have proven track record in appeals and litigation and can provide one-stop service in all areas because we are staffed by lawyers.

We not only support foreign applications in developed countries but also in emerging countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. Acts of imitation in overseas have grown more and more sophisticated. Copying of a product design without using a trademark cannot be addressed by the trademark right alone. A design right provides countermeasures against those products that mimics the appearance of our client’s products. Since a design can be identified immediately from drawings, a design right could prove more effective as border control measures against counterfeit goods than a patent right. Since a design right is identified from drawings, the translation cost associated with foreign applications is kept low so that you can obtain a right economically.

For requests for design applications and other inquiries, please contact us.

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