“How do we adapt our application to fit in?” This question reflects the frustrations that clients from all over the world feel when trying to import their applications to Japan. Due to language barriers, lack of knowledge of Japanese practice, and miscommunication, clients may have experienced difficulties in Japan. These difficulties may not necessarily come at the first stage of prosecution either, but may occur later in a patent’s life. Nevertheless, many feel a great sense of frustration when it comes to establishing IP protection in Japan.

At Primeworks, we seek to adapt your intellectual property so that it ‘fits in’. That is, we strive to localize your patent or trademark prosecution within the Japanese scheme.

This means our members will be frank and knowledgeable about how to best handle your needs from a Japanese IP perspective.

For patent prosecution, Primeworks offers translation in-house, with certified translators with technical expertise in math, science, and engineering.

Primeworks may also customize a patent application in order to best fit Japanese practice. That is, our members will advise the client about if any necessary parts are missing or about best argument strategies.

Further to this, we at Primeworks maintain good correspondence with the JPO and provide strategies to obtain the best outcome for the client.

We also advise you on issues with Japanese prosecution that would be pertinent. Most of our attorneys are proficient in a second language and may correspond directly with the client concerning questions or issues that may arise.

In addition, our office periodically sends out bulletins on Japanese practice so that the client may be equipped with the information it needs pre-filing.Our office annually sends a representative to the client in order to discuss issues or concerns face to face. In this, Primeworks strives to be personable and reachable, even from across an ocean.

Pre-filing check
A great frustration that many experience when filing in Japan is that the amount of prior art in Japan seems insurmountably vast. With the JPO most often performing its own search and with the stricter laws of examination scope, it becomes important for the client to be proactive and know what kind of potential prior art could exists out there.

At Primeworks, we provide a claim evaluation and search service for you. For pre-filing, post-filing, and even for patent invalidation work, our team can search for relevant Japanese prior art or references with speed, cost effectiveness, and quality.

For requests for localized applications and other inquiries, please contact us.

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