Filing of Japanese applications

We represent foreign clients in trademark applications in Japan.

Examination Process


The following information is required to file a trademark application in Japan.

  1. The full name and address of the applicant
  2. Nationality of the applicant
  3. Goods and/services for which the trademark is/or will be used
  4. The country and filing date of the first application if the applicant claims the priority under the Paris Convention

You need not file a power of attorney.

Examination Process

Handling of notification of provisional refusal in an international application for trademark registration requesting territorial extension to Japan

When you file an international application under Madrid Protocol, requesting territorial extension to Japan, you may receive an Office Action from the Japan Patent Office. A foreign applicant cannot respond to the Office Action on their own. A response should be filed only via a Japanese agent.

In this case, Primeworks serves our foreign client by studying and proposing a proper response to the Japan Patent Office. We will also file a response with the Japan Patent Office as a representative of our foreign client.

Request for renewal

The duration of a Japanese trademark right is 10 years since the date of registration. The duration of a trademark right can be extended upon request. A request for renewal must be filed during the period from six months prior to the expiration of the duration of a trademark right to the date of expiration thereof.

Assignment of a trademark right

Primeworks can conduct a negotiation to assign a trademark right, draft an assignment contract, and file an application for recordal of transfer of a trademark right with the Japan Patent Office on behalf of our clients.

Other services

Primeworks can undertake all procedures related to a trademark right such as filing of opposition to registration, request of an invalidation trial, and procedures to change the name or address of an owner of a trademark right.

* For requests for trademark applications and other inquiries, please contact us.

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